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vivo pulls out from ipl 2020

Why Vivo is removed from IPL Title Sponsorship 2020?

Do you know why Vivo was removed from IPL, if you do not know then in this article you will be told why Vivo was removed and what was the biggest reason behind the removal of Vivo. We all know that Vivo is a mobile technology company. Who manufactures mobile phones for people. But if you do not know. So, for your information. That Vivo is a Chinese company. Who has opened its branch in many countries? Which makes mobile for the people there. And people also liked it based on its features and technology.

Nowadays coronavirus is spread all around. The world economy is continuously deteriorating and citizens struggling with coronavirus. China is being held responsible for this. Because China did not think it necessary to warn the world in time and is not ready to accept its mistake. The brunt of which he is now suffering. Almost all the major countries of the world have broken their ties with China. Which has shaken China’s economy?

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Talking the same thing in India, India has broken its ties with China by showing power this time. And many big Chinese applications have also been discontinued. Major applications like TikTok, kine master, Kawai have been closed in India. And very big mobile companies have also been banned, now they will never be able to do business in India.

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Why Vivo is Removed From IPL

Why Vivo is Removed From IPL

Recently, the BCCI announced that Vivo has been removed from the IPL title sponsor seat. The main reason was to oppose China. Because China was not deterred by its antics. And India was constantly being targeted. There is another major reason for the removal of Vivo from IPL. That is a coronavirus. We all know that the first sample of coronavirus was found in China. And Coronavirus originated in China. Which China kept most hidden and now it is not ready to accept its mistake. Because of which major countries of the world have broken their relationship with China forever. The entire impact of this is on China’s economy.

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Vivo had sponsored the IPL for 5 years in 2018. Whose Vivo used to pay 440 crore BCCI every year. But now Vivo has been dropped from the IPL due to some special reasons.


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