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Today IPL Match Astrology 2023

Today IPL Match Astrology 2023:- Hello friends, welcome to this trusted website of the Bhavishyavani Prediction where you will be told with a 100% Astrology prediction of all IPL matches and Today IPL Match Astrology 2023.

Like every year, IPL is going to start this year and it will play 16 seasons of the IPL T20 tournament. The first match of IPL season 16 will be played between the two big teams of IPL Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, which is going to start on 27 March.

In this article, we discuss Today IPL Match Astrology prediction, Astrology of today IPL match, and IPL Match Astrology Report. Peoples finds a means of entertainment in this run-of-the-mill and exhausting life today.

And when it comes to cricket, how can the IPL be forgotten. IPL has become the biggest medium of entertainment for cricket fans.

IPL is one of the most preferred cricket leagues in the world. And in such a short time, the IPL has left a mark in the hearts of many people.

This can be gauged from the fact that the traction of IPL is seen in everyone from children to old age.

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Today IPL Match Astrology | IPL Astrology 2023

This season of IPL is going to start very soon. Like every year, this year too, this Bhavishyavani Prediction website will provide you the best and 100% sure IPL Astrology 2023 for every match of the IPL.

In this season of IPL also, like every year, the owners of the team retained some players in their team and some players were dropped.

And spending money bought some new players for his team. The biggest dilemma here is to tell that Today IPL Match Astrology.

Our experts solve the problem of your question “IPL Astrology 2023” and they will give you accurate and main information on IPL Astrology.

Almost, Every day there are matches are played between teams. Sometimes there are one to two matches in one day.

We provide IPL Bhavishyavani for every match which is played today or yesterday IPL match Bhavishyavani.

Ever since the beginning, the IPL gained a pretty big audience. As national and international players play from the side of state teams.

When these IPL were first organised these teams were sold to the highest bidder. And those people who bid the highest amount of money owned their teams.

Every year some players are auctioned and the person who bid the highest gets the player. These IPL matches are been watched and celebrated as some kind of festival in India.

IPL Match Today Astrology | IPL Prediction Astrology

While watching the IPL, the hardest thing is to tell IPL Match Today Astrology. In today’s generation, Enthusiastic, he gives IPL Prediction Astrology to his friends.

But that Prediction Astrology is wrong, so whenever you want IPL Match Today Astrology, then you should contract with an expert.

Almost everyone knows about IPL. Especially those who like to play cricket or are fond of cricket. IPL, Indian Premier League, which started in 2008.

Which is held every year. In which only eight teams participate. When the craze of cricket started increasing among people.

And people started playing cricket. So many players started coming out. But few players could get the opportunity to play on the Indian cricket team or on a big stage.

The direct impact of which was studying on ICL i.e. Indian Cricket League. Seeing the future of India’s cricket deteriorating, BCCI started a league. Which was named IPL i.e. Indian Premier League?

Who will win Today IPL Match Prediction Astrology 2023

This year the IPL 16 season will be played in 2023. We all know that Vivo has become a sponsorship titan of IPL by removing Dream 11.

For which Vivo has paid a huge amount of 222 crores. This year, IPL season 16 has been in the headlines since the beginning due to coronavirus.

And recently, the IPL seems to be falling into controversy again after the COVID-19 report of Chennai Super Kings team staff members, and some players came back positive. Now it is to see what the BCCI decides on this.

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Today IPL Match Winner Astrology Bhavishyavani | IPL ALL MATCH Bhavishyavani Astrology 2023 TABLE

If you want to know Today IPL Match Winner Astrology Bhavishyavani, Seeing this table will help you and you will also trust us by seeing previous days IPL ALL MATCH Bhavishyavani Astrology.

31 March 20237:30 pmGT Vs CSKAhmedabadGT(Gujarat Titans)
1 April 20233:30 pmPBKS Vs KKRMohali PBKS(Punjab Kings)
1 April 20237:30 pmLSG Vs DCLucknow(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
2 April 20233:30 pmSRH Vs RRHyderabad(RR) Rajasthan Royals
2 April 20237:30 pmRCB Vs MIBengaluru(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
3 April 20237:30 pmCSK Vs LSGChennai(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
4 April 20237:30 pmDC Vs GTDelhiGT(Gujarat Titans)
5 April 20237:30 pmRR Vs PBKSGuwahati(PBKS)Punjab Kings
6 April 20237:30 pmKKR VS RCBKolkata(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
7 April 20237:30 pmLSG Vs SRHLucknow(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
8 April 20233:30 pmRR Vs DCGuwahati(RR) Rajasthan Royals
8 April 20237:30 pmMI Vs CSKMumbai(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
9 April 20233:30 pmGT Vs KKRAhmedabad(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
9 April 20237:30 pmSRH Vs PBKSHyderabad(SRH) Sunrisers Hyderabad
10 April 20237:30 pmRCB Vs LSGBengaluru(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
11 April 20237:30 pmDC Vs MIDelhi(MI) Mumbai Indians
12 April 20237:30 pmCSK Vs RRChennai(RR) Rajasthan Royals
13 April 20237:30 pmPBKS Vs GTMohaliGT(Gujarat Titans)
14 April 20237:30 pmKKR Vs SRHKolkata(SRH) Sunrisers Hyderabad
15 April 20233:30 pmRCB Vs DCBengaluru(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
15 April 20237:30 pmLSG Vs PBKSLucknowPBKS(Punjab Kings)
16 April 20233:30 pmMI Vs KKRMumbai(MI) Mumbai Indians
16 April 20237:30 pmGT Vs RRAhmedabad(RR) Rajasthan Royals
17 April 20237:30 pmRCB Vs CSKBengaluru(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
18 April 20237:30 pmSRH Vs MIHyderabad(MI) Mumbai Indians
19 April 20237:30 pmRR Vs LSGJaipur(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
20 April 20233:30 pmPBKS Vs RCBMohali(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
20 April 20237:30 pmDC Vs KKRDelhi(DC) Delhi Capitals
21 April 20237:30 pmCSK Vs SRHChennai(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
22 April 20233:30 pmLSG Vs GTLucknowGT(Gujarat Titans)
22 April 20237:30 pmMI VS PBKSMumbaiPBKS(Punjab Kings)
23 April 20233:30 pmRCB Vs RRBengaluru(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
23 April 2023 7:30 pmKKR Vs CSKKolkata(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
24 April 2023 7:30 pm SRH VS DCHyderabad(DC) Delhi Capitals
25 April 20237:30 pmGT VS MIAhmedabadGT(Gujarat Titans)
26 April 20237:30 pmRCB Vs KKRBengaluru(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
27 April 2023 7:30 pmRR Vs CSKJaipur(RR) Rajasthan Royals
28 April 20237:30 pmPBKS Vs LSGMohali(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
29 April 20233:30 pmKKR Vs GTKolkataGT(Gujarat Titans)
29 April 20237:30 pmDC Vs SRHDelhi(SRH) Sunrisers Hyderabad
30 April 20233:30 pmCSK Vs PBKSChennaiPBKS(Punjab Kings)
30 April 20237:30 pmMI Vs RRMumbai(MI) Mumbai Indians
1 May 20237:30 pmLSG Vs RCBLucknow(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
2 May 20237:30 pmGT Vs DC Ahmedabad(DC) Delhi Capitals
3 May 2023 7:30 pmPBKS Vs MIMohali(MI) Mumbai Indians
3 May 2023 3:30 pmLSG VS CSKLucknowNo Result
4 May 20237:30 pmSRH Vs KKRAhmedabad(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
5 May 2023 7:30 pmRR VS GTJaipurGT(Gujarat Titans)
6 May 2023 3:30 pmCSK VS MIChennai(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
6 May 2023 7:30 pmDC Vs RCBDelhi(DC) Delhi Capitals
7 May 2023 3:30 pmGT Vs LSGAhmedabadGT(Gujarat Titans)
7 May 2023 7:30 pmRR Vs SRHJaipur(SRH) Sunrisers Hyderabad
8 May 2023 7:30 pmKKR Vs PBKSKolkata(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
9 May 20237:30 pmMI Vs RCBMumbai(MI) Mumbai Indians
10 May 2023 7:30 pmCSK Vs DCChennai(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
11 May 2023 7:30 pmKKR Vs RRKolkata(RR) Rajasthan Royals
12 May 2023 7:30 pmMI Vs GTMumbai(MI) Mumbai Indians
13 May 20233:30 pmSRH Vs LSGHyderabad(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
13 May 20237:30 pmDC Vs PBKSDelhiPBKS(Punjab Kings)
14 May 20233:30 pmRR Vs RCBJaipur(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
14 May 20237:30 pmCSK Vs KKRChennai(KKR)Kolkata Knight Riders
15 May 20237:30 pmGT VS SRHAhmedabadGT(Gujarat Titans)
16 May 20237:30 pmLSG Vs MILucknow(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
17 May 20237:30 pmPBKS Vs DCDharamshala(DC) Delhi Capitals
18 May 20237:30 pmSRH Vs RCBHyderabad(RCB) Royal Challengers Bangalore
19 May 20237:30 pmPBKS Vs RRDharamshala(RR) Rajasthan Royals
20 May 20233:30 pmDC Vs CSKDelhi(CSK) Chennai Super Kings
20 May 20237:30 pmKKR Vs LSGKolkata(LSG) Lucknow Super Giants
21 May 20233:30 pmMI Vs SRHMumbai(MI) Mumbai Indians
21 May 20237:30 pmRCB Vs GTBengaluruGT(Gujarat Titans)
23 May 20237:30 pm GT Vs CSKChennai
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Today IPL Match Astrology | Aaj ke Match ki Astrology

Who will win IPL 2023 Astrology Prediction

If you are a fan of IPL. You must have done a search on Google that the Today IPL Match Astrology, Aaj ke Match ki Astrology, Who will win IPL 2023 Astrology Prediction.

Four-time IPL title winner Mumbai Indians beat the Chennai Super Kings three times in 2013, 2015, 2019, and also beat the Rising Pune Supergiants in 2017.

Thus, Mumbai Indians became the winner of IPL titles four times. Mumbai Indians is one of the most successful teams in the IPL format.

This can be gauged from the fact that Mumbai Indians are one such team of IPL format.

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Owner:- Reliance Industries
 Rohit Sharma
Vice Captain:-
 Keiron Pollard
 Mahela Jayawardene
 Twenty Four (24)
IPL Title Wins:-
 Fourth Time (2013201520172019,2021)
Home Ground:- 
Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai
Team Total Budget:- 83.05 Crore

BATSMEN:- Rohit Sharma (C), Chris Lynn, Surya Kumar Yadav, Anmolpreet Singh, and Saurabh Tiwary.

BOWLERS:- Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga, Nathan Coulter Nile, Rahul Chahar, Mohsin Khan, M McClenaghan, Trent Boult, Digvijay Deshmukh, and Dhawal Kulkarni.

ALL ROUNDER:- Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard, Anukul Roy Jayant Yadav, Sherfane Rutherford, and Balwant Rai Singh.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Quinton de Kock (VC), Ishan Kishan, and Aditya Tare.

Today IPL Astrology Report 2023

If you are ever going to invest in anything, then experts must be consulted first. In the same way, if you are investing money in IPL, then before that you should seek the advice of experts, who can tell you that today IPL Astrology or IPL Today Match Astrology 2023.

Three-time IPL title winners Chennai Super Kings beat Mumbai Indians in 2010, Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011, and Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2018 to become three-time IPL title winners.

The team of Chennai Super King IPL format has reached the Winning team of IPL Match. Chennai Super King has reached the final of the IPL 8 times so far. Out of which the team has won three IPL titles.

IPL All Match Predictions 2023

Owner:- India Cements Limited Company
 Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Vice Captain:-
 Suresh Raina
 Stephen Paul Fleming
 Twenty Four (24)
IPL Title Wins:-
 Three Time (201020112018)
Home Ground:- 
M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai
Team Total Budget:- 83.05 Crore

BATSMEN:- Suresh Raina (VC), Murali Vijay, Kedar Jadhav, Ambati Rayudu, Faf du Plessis, and Rituraj Gaikwad.

BOWLERS:- Imran Tahir, Shardul Thakur, Harbhajan Singh, Deepak Chahar, Lungi Ngidi, Monu Singh, R Sai Kishore, Piyush Chawla, KM Asif, Josh Hazlewood, and Karan Sharma.

ALL ROUNDER:- Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Shane Watson, Sam Curran, and Mitchell Santner.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Narayan Jagadeesan.

IPL Today Match Astrology 2023

Our experts have been in this field for the last several years and tell that IPL Today Match Astrology 2023. By doing this work of giving predictions of IPL Today Match Astrology 2023, he also turns many people into millionaires.

The Kolkata Knight Riders have reached the final match twice in which the team has won both times.

Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Chennai Super Kings in 2012 and Kings XI Punjab in 2014. Kolkata Knight Riders are at number three in the list of highest IPL title winners.

The Kolkata team has won two IPL titles so far. And currently, Dinesh Karthik is captaining the KKR team.

Owner:- Red Chillies Entertainment and Mehta Group
 Dinesh Karthik
Vice Captain:-
 Brendon Barrie McCullum
 Twenty Two (22)
IPL Title Wins:-
 Two Time (20122014)
Home Ground:- 
Eden Gardens, Kolkata
Team Total Budget:- 76.5 Crore

BATSMEN:- Shubman Gill, Eoin Morgan, Rinku Singh, Nitish Rana, Siddhesh Lad, and Rahul Tripathi.

BOWLERS:- Kuldeep Yadav, Pat Cummins, Varun Chakravarthy, Prasidh Krishna, Sandeep Warrier, Manimaran Siddharth, Lockie Ferguson, and Harry Gurney.

ALL ROUNDER:- Shivam Mavi, Andre Russell, Chris Green, Sunil Narine, and Kamlesh Nagarkoti.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Dinesh Karthik (C), Nikhil Naik, and Tom Banton.

IPL Today Match Astrology | Who Will Win Today’s Cricket Match Astrology

The Sunrisers Hyderabad team reached the final match twice, but every time the most difficult thing was to say that Who Will Win Today’s Cricket Match Astrology or IPL Today Match Astrology.

In which the team once won the IPL title. Hyderabad defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 8 runs in 2016 and became the winner of the IPL title for the first time.

Sunrise Hyderabad’s team debuted in the 2013 IPL season. And in every season of the IPL, the team performs quite well. And the current team captain is David Warner.

IPL Season 16 Winner Prediction

Owner:- Kalanithi Maran (Sun TV Network)
 Kane Williamson
Vice Captain:-
 David Warner
 Trevor Bayliss
 Twenty Five (25)
IPL Title Wins:-
 One Time (2016)
Home Ground:-
 Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad
Team Total Budget:- 74.9 Crore

BATSMEN:- David Warner (C), Kane Williamson (VC), Manish Panday, Priyam Garg, Virat Singh, and Abhishek Sharma.

BOWLERS:- Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Billy Stanlake, Sandeep Sharma, Rashid Khan, Shahbaz Nadeem, Khaleel Ahmed, Siddarth Kaul, Thangarasu Natarajan, and Basil Thampi.

ALL ROUNDER:- Mohammad Nabi, Mitchell Marsh, Fabian Allen, Sanjay Yadav Sandeep Bavanaka, Abdul Samad, and Vijay Shankar.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Wriddhiman Saha, Shreevats Goswami, and Jonny Bairstow.

Today IPL winner Astrology | Who Will Win IPL 2023 Astrology Predictions

To say that Who Will Win IPL 2023 Astrology Predictions or Today IPL winner Astrology is quite a difficult task, but our experts have mastered it and have experience of many years.

The Rajasthan Royals team has been participating in this IPL tournament since the beginning. Rajasthan Royals team is the winner of the first season of the IPL title.

RR reached in the final match only one time in which the team beat the Chennai Super Kings team 3 Wicket and become the winner of the IPL title the first time.

IPL Today Match Prediction Astrology 2023

Owner:- Amisha Hathiramani, Manoj Badale, Lachlan Murdoch, and Shane Warne
 Steve Smith 
Vice Captain:-
 Andrew Barry McDonald
 Twenty Four (24)
IPL Title Wins:-
 One Time (2008)
Home Ground:-
 Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur
Team Total Budget:- 70.25 Crore

BATSMEN:- Steve Smith (C), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Shashank Singh, and Riyan Parag.

BOWLERS:- Jaydev Unadkat, Oshane Thomas, Jofra Archer, Varun Aaron, Ankit Rajpoot, Andrew Tye, Tom Curran, Akash Singh, and Kartik Tyagi.

ALL ROUNDER:- Ben Stokes, Mahipal Lomror, Shreyas Gopal, Aniruddha Joshi, Rahul Tewatia, and Yashasvi Jaiswal.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Sanju Samson, Jos Buttler, Anuj Rawat, and Robin Uthappa.

Who will Win Today IPL Match Astrology

It is very easy for any astrologer or predictor to tell who will win today IPL Match Astrology. But it is very difficult for a common manRoyal Challengers Bangalore reached in IPL finals three times but yet not won any IPL title.

RCB lost the finals matches to Deccan Charges in 2009, Chennai Super Kings in 2011, and Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2016.

Royal Challengers Bangalore is on the IPL team. Which has not won a single IPL title yet? RCB teams perform very well in almost every IPL season. But the team could not win the IPL title even once.

who will win today IPL Match Astrology

Owner:- Anand Kripalu (United Spirits Limited)
 Virat Kohli
Vice Captain:-
 AB de Villiers
 Simon Katich
 Twenty One (21)
IPL Title Wins:-
Home Ground:- 
M. Chinnaswami Stadium, Bangalore
Team Total Budget:- 73.2 Crore

BATSMEN:- Virat Kohli (C), Aaron Finch (VC), Gurkeerat Singh, and Devdutt Padikkal.

BOWLERS:- Yuzvendra Chahal, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Kane Richardson, and Shahbaz Ahmed.

ALL ROUNDER:- Pawan Negi, Chris Morris, Pawan Deshpande, Washington Sundar, Isuru Udana, Moeen Ali, and Shivam Dube.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Parthiv Patel, Joshua Phillipe, and AB de Villiers.

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Today Match Astrology IPL

Kings XI Punjab has reached the final once so far, in which the team also had to face defeat. Every team has some good, something goes wrong, which is an important aspect to tell that today Match Astrology IPL.

KXIP lost to Kolkata Knight Riders by 3 wickets in 2014. The team’s performance has not been very good in the last few IPL seasons. But talking about records in IPL history, the players of the KXIP team have many records. And KL Rahul is captaining the Kings XI Punjab team.

Owner:- Preity Zinta, Karan Paul, Ness Wadia, and Mohit Burman
 K. L. Rahul
Vice Captain:-
 Anil Kumble
 Twenty Five (25)
IPL Title Wins:-
Home Ground:- 
Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali
Team Total Budget:- 68.5 Crore

BATSMEN:- Chris Gayle, Sarfaraz Khan, Karun Nair, Mayank Agarwal, and Mandeep Singh.

BOWLERS:- Mohammed Shami, Murugan Ashwin, Chris Jordan, Sheldon Cottrell, Hardus Viljoen, Arshdeep Singh, Ravi Bishnoi, Ishan Porel, and Mujeeb Ur Rahman.

ALL ROUNDER:- Jagadeesha Suchith, Deepak Hooda, Glenn Maxwell, Krishnappa Gowtham, Harpreet Brar, Tejinder Singh, James Neesham, and Darshan Nalkande.

WICKET KEEPERS:- K. L. Rahul (C), Prabhsimran Singh, and Nicholas Pooran.

IPL Match Astrology

The Delhi Capitals team has been participating in the IPL season since the beginning. But not a single IPL title team has won so far.

The teams of Delhi Capitals have reached the semi-finals of the IPL four times. But missed every time reaching the finals.

And currently, Shreyas Iyer is captaining the team. Delhi Capitals is the only team in which the youngest players play more, and it is difficult to tell the IPL Match Astrology. But our experts have also mastered it.

Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2023

Owner:- GMR group and JSW group
 Shreyas Iyer
Vice Captain:-
 Ricky Ponting
 Twenty Two (22)
IPL Title Wins:-
Home Ground:- 
Arun Jaitley Ground, Delhi
Team Total Budget:- 76 Crore

BATSMEN:- Shreyas Iyer (C), Shikhar Dhawan, Jason Roy, Shimron Hetmyer, Prithvi Shaw, and Ajinkya Rahane.

BOWLERS:- Ishant Sharma, Ravichandran Ashwin, Tushar Deshpande, Avesh Khan, Amit Mishra, Kagiso Rabada, Sandeep Lamichhane, and Mohit Sharma.

ALL ROUNDER:- Axar Patel, Keemo Paul, Harshal Patel, Lalit Yadav, Marcus Stoinis, and Christopher Woakes.

WICKET KEEPERS:- Rishabh Pant and Alex Carey.

Today IPL Match Toss Astrology 2023

IPL is known as the Indian Premier League that is one of the biggest and richest leagues in the world. And at that time the most online search is done today IPL Match Toss Astrology 2023.

Indian Premier League started in 2008 in India in which only eight team participants. Every year teams for the IPL T20 tournament also compete.

Team owners buy many new players and retain and release some old players according to their performance.

The Indian Premier League started in 2008 and has now become the largest league in the world. International players and national players are bought in the Indian Premier League.

  • Country | Host:- India
  • Administrator | Official Board:- BCCI Board
  • League:- Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Cricket Format:- Double Round-robin & Knockout T20 Tournament
  • First Season:- 2008
  • Last Season:-2019
  • Next Season:- 2020
  • Total Teams:- 8
  • Current Champaign:- Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Most Title Winner:- Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Most Time Play Finals Match:- Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Matches Played:- 60
  • Official Website:-

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Today IPL Match Toss Astrology | Today IPL Toss Astrology

Today IPL Match Toss Astrology or Today IPL Toss Astrology in the match, the question must surely arise in the minds of the people every year? Out of which intelligent people know the answer with the help of experts and take many benefits from it.

  • Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  • Royal Challengers Banglore (RCB)
  • Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)
  • Delhi Capitals (DC)
  • Dubai Cricket Stadium
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium
  • Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
  • ICC Academy Ground
  • Tolerance Oval

Who will Win Today IPL Toss Astrology

who will win today’s crickt match astrology

The most important aspect in the IPL final matches is also that Who will win Today IPL Toss Astrology. The team that wins the toss gets a lot of benefits. And these things are seen in almost every IPL final match.

2008 IPL 1st Season Winner:- Rajasthan Royals won the final by 3 wickets against Chennai Super Kings.
Score Board:- RR 164/7 (20 overs) & CSK 163/5 (20 overs).

2009 IPL 2nd Season Winner:- Deccan Chargers won this edition by 6 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Score Board:- DC 143/6 (20 overs) & RCB 143/6 (20 overs).

2010 IPL 3rd Season Winner:- Chennai Super Kings won by 22 runs against Mumbai Indians.
Score Board:- CSK 168/5 (20 overs) & MI 146/9 (20 overs).

2011 IPL 4th Season Winner:- Chennai Super Kings won by 58 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Score Board:- CSK 205/5 (20 overs) & RCB 147/8 (20 overs).

2012 IPL 5th Season Winner:- Kolkata Knight Riders won by 5 wickets against Chennai Super Kings.
Score Board:- KKR 192/5 (19.4 overs) & CSK 190/3 (20 overs).

2013 IPL 6th Season Winner:- Mumbai Indians won by 23 runs against Chennai Super Kings.
Score Board:- MI 148/9 (20 overs) & CSK 125/9 (20 overs).

2014 IPL 7th Season Winner:- Kolkata Knight Riders won by 3 wickets against Kings XI Punjab.
Score Board:- KKR 200/7 (19.3 overs) & KXIP 199/4 (20 overs).

2015 IPL 8th Season Winner:- Mumbai Indians won by 41 runs against Chennai Super Kings.
Score Board:- MI 202/5 (20 overs) & CSK  161/8 (20 overs).

2016 IPL 9th Season Winner:- Sunrisers Hyderabad won by 8 runs against Royal Challengers Bangalore.
Score Board:- SH 208/7 (20 overs) & RCB 200/7 (20 overs).

2017 IPL 10th Season Winner:- Mumbai Indians won by 1 run against Rising Pune Supergiants.
Score Board:- MI 129/8 ( 20 overs) & RPS 128/6 (20 overs).

2018 IPL 11th Season Winner:- Chennai Super Kings won by 8 wickets against Sunrisers Hyderabad.
Score Board:- CSK 181/2 (18.3 overs)   SH 178/6 (20 overs ).

2019 IPL 12th Season Winner:- Mumbai Indians Won by 1 Run against Chennai Super Kings.
Score Board:- MI 149/8 (20 Overs) & CSK 148/7 (20 Overs).

Today IPL Toss Winner Astrology

IPL is the platform of talent. There is a solution to everything in our scriptures, and our astrologers have unimaginable knowledge and their predictions never go wrong. He is also able to tell that today IPL Toss Winner Astrology.

Where every year we get to see fresh new players and talent hidden inside them. And sometimes a player does all that.

Which also changes the decision to come. So on this platform of the IPL, we get to see the talent every year. Those who are rewarded by awards based on their performance.

Today toss astrology | Toss Astrology of Today Match

Anyone who loves or die heart fans of cricket must search here, that today toss astrology because it is an important aspect, that Toss Astrology of Today Match. The toss plays a very important role in which the team will win today’s IPL match.

Player:- David Warner
Team:- Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
Runs:- 692
Matches:- 12

Player:- Imran Tahir
Team:- Chennai Super Kings
Wickets:- 26
Matches:- 17

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Today IPL Match Astrology FAQ

1. WHO WILL BE THE WINNER OF IPL today Match Astrology

As per our prediction for “WHO WILL BE THE WINNER OF IPL today Match Astrology ” in this season of Dream 11 IPL 2023, the team of Chennai Super Kings will be the winner of this IPL season 16. Because Chennai Super Kings is the team of IPL which reached the final of IPL most times. CSK has also won the IPL title three times. This time Chennai will again field with their best and experienced captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. And the team players are in full form.

2. IPL 2023 Winner Astrology

Mumbai Indians is the IPL team that has won the IPL title the most times. MI has won four IPL titles in its IPL history.

As per our IPL 2023 Winner Astrology, this time Mumbai Indians will be the runner-up team of the IPL 2023 season.

Because MI has the most experienced players like Lasith Malinga, Quinton de Kock, M McClenaghan, Trent Boult, Hardik Pandya, etc. And Mumbai also has Rohit Sharma, one of the most successful captains of the IPL format.

3. Astrology of Today IPL MatchORANGE CAP HOLDER 2023

David Warner is the highest Orange Cap holder in IPL history. As per our Astrology of Today IPL Match ORANGE CAP HOLDER 2023, Warner will be the Orange Cap holder of IPL 2022 season 16.

David Warner is the right-handed batsman of the Delhi team. Sunrisers Hyderabad has become the winner of the IPL title once under the captaincy of Warner.

4. Astrology of Today IPL Match PURPLE CAP HOLDER 2023

Imran Tahir has been a Purple Cap holder winner of Season 12. In which he took 26 wickets in 17 matches. Imran Tahir performs quite well in every IPL season.

And on the basis of his bowling, he has also won many matches for the team. Tahir is the Right Arm Leg-Spin bowler of the Chennai Super Kings team.

As per our Prediction or Astrology of Today IPL Match PURPLE CAP HOLDER 2023, Mark Wood will be the Purple Cap Holder of the Dream11 IPL Season 16 2023.

5. Who will hit MAXIMUM SIXES IN Today IPL Astrology

Chris Gayle is the Left-handed Batsman of Kings XI Punjab. Gayle has previously been a player of Royal Challengers Bangalore. Chris Gayle is known as Sixer King. He holds the record for most sixes in IPL history.

He has hit 326 sixes in his entire IPL career so far. And with his batting, he has also won a lot of matches for the team.

Gayle also holds the record for the highest score in the IPL. As per our prediction Who will hit MAXIMUM SIXES IN Today IPL Astrology, Chris Gayle will hit maximum of sixes in IPL 2023.

6. Today Dream11 IPL Team Astrology

Shikhar Dhawan is the IPL player who holds the record for most fours. This time Shikhar Dhawan is playing with the Delhi Capital team.

Earlier, he played in the IPL with the Hyderabad team. Dhawan has hit 524 boundaries in his entire IPL career. As per our prediction Today Dream11 IPL Team Astrology, In this season 13, Shikhar Dhawan will hit most fours.


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