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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League (IPL)

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL means Indian Premier League. One of the biggest leagues in the entire world which is held every year. Especially for those who are fans of cricket, it cannot be said that no one knows about the Indian Premier League (IPL advantages and disadvantages).

During the IPL (Indian Premier League) season in India, most people like to watch IPL, and most people watch IPL only. But most people do not know about the advantages & disadvantages of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Indian Premier League (IPL)

In today’s generation, almost everyone knows about IPL. Especially those who like to play cricket or are fond of cricket. IPL, Indian Premier League, which started in 2008. Which is held every year.

In which only eight teams participate. But this year 10 teams will participate in the IPL 2022. When the craze of cricket started increasing among people. And people started playing cricket.

So many players started coming out. But few players could get the opportunity to play on the Indian cricket team or on a big stage.

The direct impact of this was studying ICL i.e. Indian Cricket League. Seeing the future of India’s cricket deteriorating, BCCI started a league. Which was named IPL i.e. Indian Premier League.

More Details

Chennai Super Kings
Kolkata Knight Riders
Gujarat Titans
MAXIMUM RUNSVirat Kohli (5412)
MAXIMUM WICKETSLasith Malinga (170)
MAXIMUM SIXESChris Gayle (326)
MOST FOURSShikhar Dhawan (524)
WINNER OF LAST SEASON (2019)Mumbai Indians
MAXIMUM IPL TITLE Mumbai Indians (4 IPL Title)
PURPLE CAP HOLDER MAX TIMEBhuvneshwar Kumar (2) (2016, 17),
Dwayne Bravo (2) (2013, 15)
ORANGE CAP HOLDER MAX TIMEDavid Warner (3) (2015, 17, 19)
HIGHEST SCORER TEAMRoyal Challengers Bangalore (263/7)
LOWEST SCORER TEAMRoyal Challengers Bangalore (49)
ipl 2023

Advantages Of Indian Premier League | Benefits Of IPL

Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League | Demerits Of IPL

Entertaining Medium For People

We all know that cricket has become the biggest medium of entertainment in today’s generation. And cricket is most liked in India. If we talk about IPL, then IPL is the biggest means of entertainment in the cricket world.

For your information, let us know if IPL is an Indian league or an Indian tournament. Which is held every year in India. In which teams from different districts fight each other for the IPL title.

This intoxication of IPL is seen in everyone from children to old generations. IPL is becoming very popular in other countries. These all matches were shown on TV or OTT platforms. Because of IPL TRP rating of channels increase significantly.

Best Platform For New Faces (Cricketers)

The IPL is the best and biggest platform for new cricketers in the world of cricket. In which new faces emerge every year. Who performs well in IPL?

And are further elected to the Indian cricket team. IPL has given us many big cricketers to date. And this league has also created the future for many cricketers.

Such as Rishabh Pant, Deepak Chahar, Shardul Thakur, Navdeep Saini, Shivam Dubey, etc.

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Adds Revenue to the Economy

IPL can be called the medium of a new job. Because every team has different umpires, designers, bodyguards, and team coaches.

Which is one of the best means of employment? A lot of collection is done by selling tickets in IPL. Which is a huge amount? And the IPL collects a significant amount from sponsors as well.

Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League | Demerits Of IPL

Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League | Demerits Of IPL

League Wrong Scheduling

If we talking about IPL scheduling, then IPL is held in the months of April and May. In India, it is the hottest summer in these months.

Especially Rajasthan has the highest temperature in these months. And the players sweat more than usual.

Because of this players have to face many problems. Such as skin problems, health deterioration, etc. that is the biggest Disadvantage of the IPL?

The scheduling of the IPL should be set in such a way that the international player gets the full opportunity to play. Because there are international visits at this time.

Game Of Money

A lot of money spends on players every year in the IPL. Bids are placed on players in every IPL season. Each year, every franchise has spent lots of money to buy new players for their team.

Players and their owners have also been arrested on charges of curbing fellow black money. The best example of this is CSK and RR. The team had to bear the brunt. And both teams were banned from IPL for 2 years.

Understanding The Techniques

Players from different countries play in the IPL. Who tell each other about game techniques. Which is very important for youngsters. Which is the biggest Disadvantage?

Makes the Player weary

The ongoing international tour and then the 2-month series thereafter make the players tired. The effect of this is seen later on the international platform. Which is the biggest problem of League Wrong Scheduling?

IPL 2023 Winner Bhavishyavani

Conclusion On Advantages & Disadvantages Of Indian Premier League (IPL)

There will always be advantages and disadvantages, merit-demerits, and pros-cons of IPL. But this needs to be discussed.

Let us hope that IPL 2022 is conducted well without any scams. Because this whole world is a big fan of cricket. Especially India

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