Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024:- Hello friends, Are you searching for Who will win today IPL, 2024 IPL who will win? This article is for all those people and cricket fans who are searching for the Who Will Win Today IPL 2024.

So here, our cricket expert will tell you about the winning chance of today’s IPL team. Which will always be 100% helpful to you. And you will also get all the updates on today’s match-winner daily and regular updates on the point table.

This article is purely based on Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024. This has been written by our astrologer experts team, who keep providing you with the best prediction astrology every year, and this year too, our astrologer experts team will provide you with the best prediction astrology.

He predicts every match of the IPL according to his experience and in-depth research. Which are always approximately 96% correct. The team of the Bhavishyavani Prediction website analyzes the facts and figures before giving you any information about Who Will Win Today IPL.

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Only then will our experts provide you with the right information, including all the details. In this frustrating and exhausting life today, all people want to earn more money. And when it comes to cricket, how can we forget the IPL? The IPL has become the biggest medium of entertainment for every person who loves cricket.

The IPL is one of the most famous cricket leagues in the world. And in such a short time, the IPL has left a benchmark in the hearts of many people. The craze of IPL is seen in every person, from children to old age.

IPL Match Prediction 2024

Who will win today IPL Match Bhavishyavani

In today’s generation, everybody wants to know who will be the winner of today’s IPL match and wants to earn as much money as they can, but for this, you need to know the right prediction. If you are reading this article, you are in the right place. You must read the entire article to get all of this information, and once you have done so, you will have the answers to all of your questions.

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New players on any team are a very important aspect because they make a huge difference in winning or losing any game. But on this website, you know about 100% accurate who will win today’s IPL match, Bhavishyavani. Any good player can win three or four matches, but good teams are always able to win the game in any condition.

IPL stands for the Indian Premier League, which is the world’s biggest T20 tournament league. Only 10 teams have participated in this Tata IPL T20 tournament, whose names are according to cities in India. Season 17 of the IPL is going to start on March 22, 2024. Like every year, this year too, the Bhavishyavani Prediction website will provide you with the best and 100% sure Bhavishyavani for every match of this IPL season.

In season 17 of the IPL, like every year, the owners of the team retained some players and some players were released. And spending money bought him some new players for his team.

Today IPL Match Bhavishyavani 2024

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Who Will win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024 | Aaj Ka Match Kon Jitega Bhavishyavani

In today’s generation, almost everyone knows about the IPL. Especially those who like to play cricket or are fond of cricket. IPL, the Indian Premier League, started in 2008. Which is held every year. In which only 10 teams participate. So many players started playing cricket. But few players could get the opportunity to play on the Indian cricket team or on a big stage. After knowing all these problems and the reality of Indian cricket, BCCI has introduced a new tournament called the IPL Indian Premier League.

There are games between teams almost every day. There are occasionally one or two matches in a single day. For each IPL match played today or yesterday, we’re providing you with Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024, Bhavishyavani, and Aaj Ka Match Kon Jitega Bhavishyavani.

The number of teams was not fixed at the beginning of the IPL. And every year in the IPL season, sometimes 8 teams participated, and sometimes 9 and 10 teams participated.

However, the BCCI has set a limit on the number of teams. These days, only 10 teams compete in the Indian Premier League each year. The Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Lucknow Super Giants, Gujarat Titans, Punjab Kings, and Delhi Capitals are the teams participating in the Indian Premier League.

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Today IPL Match Astrology 2024

Who will Win Today IPL Match Astrology Report | IPL Prediction Astrology 2024

IPL Prediction Astrology 2024
IPL Prediction Astrology 2024
22 March 20247:30 pmCSK Vs RCBChennaiCSK
23 March 20243:30 pmPBKS Vs DCPunjabPBKS
23 March 20247:30 pmKKR Vs SRHKolkataKKR
24 March 20243:30 pmRR Vs LSGJaipurRR
24 March 20247:30 pmGT Vs MIHyderabadGT
25 March 20243:30 pmRCB Vs PBKSBengaluruRCB
26 March 20247:30 pmCSK Vs GTChennaiCSK
27 March 20247:30 pmSRH Vs MiHyderabadSRH
28 March 20247:30 pmRR Vs DCJaipurRR
29 March 20247:30 pmRCB Vs KKRBengaluruKKR
30 March 20243:30 pmLSG Vs PBKSLucknowLSG
31 March 20243:30 pmGT Vs SRHAhmedabadGT
31 March 20247:30 pmDC Vs CSKVisakhapatnamDC
1 April 20247:30 pmMI Vs RRMumbaiRR
2 April 20247:30 pmRCB Vs LSGBengaluruLSG
3 April 20247:30 pmDC Vs KKRVisakhapatnamKKR
4 April 20247:30 pmGT Vs PBKSAhmedabadPBKS
5 April 20247:30 pmSRH Vs CSKHyderabadSRH
6 April 20247:30 pmRR Vs RCBJaipurRR
7 April 20243:30 pmMI Vs DCMumbaiMI
7 April 20247:30 pmLSG Vs GTLucknowLSG
8 April 20247:30 pmKKR Vs CSKChennaiCSK
9 April 20247:30 pmSRH Vs PBKSPunjabSRH
10 April 20247:30 pmGT Vs RRJaipurGT
11 April 20247:30 pmRCB Vs MIMumbaiMI
12 April 20247:30 pmDC Vs LSGLucknowDC
13 April 20247:30 pmPBKS Vs RRChandigarhRR
14 April 20243:30 pmKKR Vs LSGKolkataKKR
14 April 20247:30 pmMI Vs CSKMumbaiCSK
15 April 20247:30 pmRCB Vs SRHBengaluruSRH
16 April 20247:30 pmKKR Vs RRKolkataRR
17 April 20247:30 pmGT Vs DCAhmedabadDC
18 April 20247:30 pmPBKS Vs MIChandigarhMI
19 April 20247:30 pmLSG Vs CSKLucknowLSG
20 April 20247:30 pmDC Vs SRHDelhiSRH
21 April 20243:30 pmKKR Vs RCBKolkataContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
21 April 20247:30 pmPBKS Vs GTChandigarhContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
22 April 20247:30 pmRR Vs MIJaipurContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
23 April 20247:30 pmCSK Vs LSGChennaiContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
24 April 20247:30 pmDC Vs GTDelhiContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
25 April 20247:30 pmSRH Vs RCBHyderabadContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
26 April 20247:30 pmKKR Vs PBKSKolkataContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
27 April 20243:30 pmDC Vs MIDelhiContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
27 April 20247:30 pmLSG Vs RRLucknowContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
28 April 20243:30 pmGT Vs RCBAhmedabadContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
28 April 20247:30 pmCSK Vs SRHChennaiContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
29 April 20247:30 pmKKR Vs DCKolkataContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
30 April 20247:30 pmLSG Vs MILucknowContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
1 May 20247:30 pmCSK Vs PBKSChennaiContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
2 May 20247:30 pmSRH Vs RRHyderabadContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
3 May 20247:30 pmMI Vs KKRHyderabadContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274
4 May 20247:30 pmRCB Vs GTBengaluruContact on WhatsApp : 8865962274

Today IPL Match Astrology Report Who will Win 2024

Today IPL Match Astrology Report Who will Win 2024
Today IPL Match Astrology Report Who will Win 2024

Many people want to watch IPL as well as earn money through it. The first question in all of them is: Today IPL Match Astrology Report: Who Will Win 2024? This season, all the matches in the IPL are getting very exciting, and until the matches were completed, it was very difficult to say which team was winning. Due to this, many people are also getting lost and are drowning in debt. 

However, you will undoubtedly gain if you believe the information that our expert has provided. You must continue to visit our website frequently. For evening matches, at 6:00 p.m., and for afternoon matches, at 2:00 p.m. You may find out who will win today’s match by checking out our updated Today IPL Match Astrology Report Who Will Win 2024.

Earning money from the IPL is not that easy, but if you get the right prediction report, it will become easy for you and anyone else who gets the right report. Don’t worry, if you are one of those people, then you are in the right place. You will definitely get the desired amount of money.

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Making money from the Indian Premier League is not an easy task, but if you receive the correct prediction report, it will become simple for you and and anyone else who gets the right report. Don’t worry, if you are one of those people, then you are in the right place. Without a doubt, you will receive the desired sum of money.

See More:- Today IPL Match Bhavishyavani 2024

  • Country | Host:- India
  • Administrator | Official Board:- BCCI Board
  • League:- Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Cricket Format:- Double Round-robin & Knockout T20 Tournament
  • First Season:- 2008
  • Last Season:- 2023
  • Next Season:- 2024
  • Total Teams:- 10
  • Current Champaign:- Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Most Title Winner:- Mumbai Indians (MI) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Most Time Play Finals Match:- Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Matches Played:- 74
  • Official Website:- www.iplt20.com

IPL All Teams List | Who Will Win Today IPL Match Astrology Prediction 2024

The IPL season is likely to be interesting this year because all of the teams are eager to win. Because there is no security protocol this year, nearly every player will be available for their team, and nearly all international players will be participating. All-rounders are incredibly useful in both fields, therefore they will be an important part of every match this year. They are always eager to help the team out, whether it is with batting or bowling.

Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore, two famous IPL teams, are playing the opening game of the league this year. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Virat Kohli, two legendary players of India .This match is played in M. A. Chidambaram Stadium, and this time the Chennai Super Kings have their home groung advantage, and everyone knows that the audience plays a very important role. The audience works like a 12th man for every team, supporting their team in every situation.

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Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024
Who Will Win Today IPL Match Prediction 2024

Who Will Win Today IPL Match Astrology Prediction, we will definitely discuss this topic in this article.

  • Mumbai Indians (MI)
  • Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  • Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)
  • Rajasthan Royals (RR)
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
  • Punjab Kings(PBKS)
  • Delhi Capitals (DC)
  • Gujarat Titans(GT)
  • Lucknow Super Giants(LSG)

IPL 2024 Venues List In India

  • Ahmedabad
  • Mohali
  • Lucknow
  • Kolkata
  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Guwahati
  • Hyderabad
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Dharamshala

IPL Teams Performances In All Season | Aaj Ke IPL Match Ki Prediction

Both the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings have won the IPL championship for a record five times. MI won the Indian Premier League for the first time in 2013 after defeating the Chennai Super Kings. Among the most successful teams in the IPL is Chennai Super Kings. This team has five IPL championship wins. The Chennai Super Kings won the IPL championship for the first time in 2010 after defeating the Mumbai Indians.

Under Gautam Gambhir’s leadership, Kolkata Knight Riders have won the IPL twice. Under David Warner’s leadership, Sunrisers Hyderabad won the IPL championship once. Although the Rajasthan Royals are among the top teams in the Indian Premier League, their inconsistent performance stops them from turning their efforts into a winning story.

1.Chennai Super Kings (CSK)2th4th1th1th2th2th3th2thsussus1th2th9th2nd
2.Mumbai Indians (MI)5th7th2th3th4th1th4th1th5th1th5th1th10th4th
3.Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)7th2th3th2th5th5th7th3th2th8th6th8th4th6th
4.Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)6th8th6th4th1th7th1th5th4th3th3th5th7th7th
5.Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) NA NA NA NA NA4th6th6th1th4th2th4th8th10th
6.Rajasthan Royals (RR)1th6th7th6th7th3th5th4thsussus4th7th2nd5th
7.Delhi Capitals (DC)4th3th5th10th3th9th8th7th6th6th8th3th5th9th
8.Kings XI Punjab (KXIP)3th5th8th5th6th6th2th8th8th5th7th6th6th8th

Who Will Win Today IPL Match Toss Bhavishyavani Prediction Astrology 2024

Win Prediction of Today IPL Match
Win Prediction of Today IPL Match

The most difficult thing to do in an IPL match is to guess who will win the toss in today’s match. You don’t need to take any kind of risk for the prediction because we are here to help you out. We guarantee that our report will be 100% accurate, and as a result, you will get both a price and money.

Many people benefit financially each year from our prediction reports. If you are not among them, don’t worry, if you follow to our guidance and tips this year, you will undoubtedly be successful.

  • Orange Cap Holder:- Shubman Gill (890)
  • Purple Cap Holder:- Mohammad Shami (28)
  • Most Sixes:- F du Plessis (36)
  • Most Fours:- Shubman Gill (85)
  • Best Bating Strike Rate:- Rashid Khan
  • Best Bowling Average:- Mark Wood
  • Most Valuable Player:- Akash Madhwal
  • Most Fifty:- F du Plessis(8)
  • Fastest Century:- Chris Gayle, Yusuf Pathan and David Miller
  • Highest Scores:- Chris Gayle


As per our Bhavishyavani, the Chennai Super Kings team will come out winner of IPL season 17 in the 2024 season. since the Chennai Super Kings are the IPL team that has made it to the finals the most times. Moreover, CSK has five IPL championship wins. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who is the captain of Chennai, will once again be their finest and most experienced player this time. The players are also playing quite well.
The Mumbai Indians are the IPL team that has won the IPL title the most times. MI has won four IPL titles in its IPL history. As per our prediction, this time the Mumbai Indians will be the runner-up team in the IPL 2024 season. Because MI has the most experienced players. And Mumbai also has Rohit Sharma, one of the most successful captains of the IPL format.
KL Rahul is the highest orange cap holder in IPL history. As per our prediction, KL Rahul will be the orange cap holder for IPL 2024 season 17. KL Rahul is a very important player for the Lucknow Super Giants.
Yuzvendra Chahal has been a Purple Cap Holder winner of Season 15. In which he took 27 wickets. Yuzvendra Chahal performs quite well in every IPL season. And on the basis of his bowling, he has also won many matches for the team. Yuzvendra Chahal is the right-arm leg-break bowler for the Rajasthan Royals team. As per our prediction, Yuzvendra Chahal will be the Purple Cap Holder of the Tata IPL Season 17 in 2024. Today IPL Match Bhavishyavani Prediction Astrology 2024.
KL Rahul is the right-handed batsman of the Lucknow Super Giants. With his batting, he has also won a lot of matches for the team. KL Rahul also holds the record for the fastest fifty in the IPL. As per our prediction, KL Rahul will hit the maximum of sixes in IPL 2024.
Shubman Gill is the IPL player who holds the record for most fours. This time, Shubman Gill is playing as the captain of the Gujarat Titans team. Earlier, he played for the Kolkata Knight Riders. Last year, he hit 85 boundaries. As per our prediction, in this season 17, Shubman Gill will hit most fours.

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After reading this article through to the end, we hope you have all the answers to your questions about “Who will win today’s IPL match?”
You can let us know in the comment area if you experienced any difficulties. We will not give you another chance to express worries about it again, and we’ll work hard to make improvements. You continued this approach of communication with us and kept informed of every match’s prediction.